Saturday, May 19, 2012

Open Letter To Jack Frost*

*originally from my Eulogy post 01/25/08

It's gotten a little cooler here in southern Florida the last few days...I wouldn't mind for it to drop to the 60's (gasp!) for a few weeks at least.  Something cool and nice where I can sleep w/ the windows open and actually need a blanket!  I know everyone up north is thinking "what a whiny bitch", but hey!  I actually look forward to the 10 days out of the year when my balls DON'T sweat.  Think about it.  Everyday...Your sack sticking to your fucking leg.  You're only solace being a bottle of Gold Bond, that in this Floridian sun melts off your dongsack like flour to pancake batter in a matter of 23 minutes.  I'm begging you Jack Frost... Nip at my nutsack!  Make me feel it in the marrow of my bones.

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