Saturday, May 19, 2012


I lived in Brooklyn and worked at Go-Kart Records almost 12 years ago.  It was the first job I was truly rip-roaring excited for.  I was first hired as an intern and to celebrate I got so wasted I ended up puking on my wife in the cab on the way home.  Sorry, babe.  I have some pretty amazing and pretty depressing memories of those times.  I was working at a record label that I was genuinely a fan of, but I never realized how tough the industry was and how it wasn't going to be getting any better.  I was trying to survive in NYC on $200 a week.  We had to leave and I eventually got a job at another record label in South Florida.  This is an email from my friend and co-worker Artie that made me laugh and sums up where Go-Kart was at in 2003.
---------- Forwarded Message ----------
Artie (02:11 PM) :
when do we get a new printer?
Greg (02:11 PM) :
I dunno  - never I guess - I am going to order one but my credit card is so
maxed out it's crazy so who knows
Artie (02:12 PM) :
spectacular. Can I get paid soon?
Greg (02:13 PM) :
hold on
Artie (02:50 PM) :
Greg (02:50 PM) :
Artie (02:51 PM) :
1. can I get paid anytime this decade?
2. can you print anything at all from that inkjet piece of junk on your desk?
Greg (02:52 PM) :
yes and no
Artie (02:52 PM) :
yes = today?!?
Greg (02:54 PM) :
dunno - waiting for an email -
Artie (02:55 PM) :
from who, the paycheck fairy?
Greg (02:59 PM) :
ye s- she's been very busy with all this war shit but she is heading our way
Artie (03:12 PM) :
I hope she gets here before the steal-and-sell-Greg's-
computers fairy does.
Greg (03:12 PM) :
you can have em
Artie (03:13 PM) :
I'm sure
Greg (03:13 PM) :
take the one on deans desk first

...5 minutes later, Dean blew a gasket and told Greg he's not coming in
anymore until he gets 7,000 dollars, then stormed out and slammed the door.
Then Greg IMs me again:

Greg (03:22 PM) :
Dean just quit I think
Artie (03:23 PM) :
Why are you IMing me? We're the only ones in the room!

My job rules!


  1. Jason,

    Your friend Neal Shah turned me on to this. Totally fucking hilarious.
    I hope you and yours are well. Get in touch and let me know how you're doing.

    Much love from Brooklyn,

    1. Dean! Great to hear from you...I asked Neal to send you my email address

  2. This is pretty great. I had kind of blocked a lot of this stuff out of my memory. Thanks fucker!