Monday, September 17, 2012

Reckless Love

I recently discovered the Finnish glam rock band Reckless Love through an article in Classic Rock Magazine.  They are definitely along the lines of some of the more recent hair metal revivalist groups like Satanicide and Steel Panther, but from the interviews I've read they take themselves more seriously...which actually makes the whole thing more humorous.  Don't get me wrong, the music is quite infectious and if you're into the cock rock popularized in the 80's you should check them out.  They have the catchiness of Def Leppard or Bon Jovi, with as much masculinity they could muster from Motley Crue... or maybe Poison.  Their lyrics are sexually over the top, and combined with a hint of their Finnish accent, the results are charmingly amusing.  Here are three of their best offerings... a stuck-in-your-cranium anthem, a feelgood rock-n-roller & a syrupy disease-ridden sex ballad...Try not to tap your feet while crackin' a smile!!!


ONE MORE TIME from their self-titled debut RECKLESS LOVE

SEX (no video for this one- but great song) from self-titled debut RECKLESS LOVE

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