Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Faith No More - Hangin' With MTV 7/20/92

Just finished The Faith No More & Mr. Bungle Companion by Greg Prato.  What a trip down memory lane of one of my all-time favorite bands!  One performance brought up was this obscure one for a short lived show called Hangin' With MTV in 1992 - hot off their sophomore effort Angel Dust.  The funniest things I remember about this guest spot was how much they came off as assholes to these VJs as witnessed in the interviews and especially right before their phenomenal performance of Caffeine (one of my favorites from the album) near the 13:25 mark.   Every time this poor VJ would try to speak, Patton would direct the band to bang at their instruments as loud as possible (drummer Puffy laughing most of the time) as he squealed like a stuck pig.  Also great, is hearing Patton screaming "I'M FUCKING YOU!" over and over at the 18:23 mark.  I've still got this somewhere on VHS.

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