Friday, February 8, 2013

You Know What I'm Sick Of ?...

Longboards.  Get a normal skateboard.  Get rid of the flippy-floppies and put on a pair of sneakers, like a Man.  Don't forget your white sunglasses & to pop your collar before you head out, to complete your transformation into a total South Beach waste of space.  Now go ride in the street, asshole.  I'm not moving over on this sidewalk.  Turn up those headphones & keep texting while you head into that upcoming intersection, *douche-bag.
*click on the photo above to go to the OFFICIAL douchebags on longboards blog! yep, it exists!


  1. That was amazing! Are there many longboards in Barcelona? Is this a worldwide thing? I thought it was typical South Beach behavior.

  2. yeah, douchiness knows no borders. we saw the biggest goon at macba recently. he'd go full speed on his longboard and then put his gloved hands out in front of him and "slide," in a horrible hippy christ pose. i was kind of hoping he'd slide right on his face.