Wednesday, August 1, 2012

4 Short Tendrils of Sanity Unravelling

1. Went to Einsteins in Miami Beach.  Saw a sign advertising a bagel, w/ regular cream cheese and medium coffee for $3.99.
"I'll have a bagel toasted with cream cheese and a medium iced coffee"
"OK that'll be $4.91"
"Oh....I thought the sign said $3.99"
(squints to look at sign like it's never been seen before)  "Oh that's not for iced coffee"
"...But the picture shows an iced coffee"
"Yeah, they send us a lot of those deals on posters but they don't work here"
2. Went to Einsteins again.  I've got a quick 5 minutes to grab a bagel and iced coffee.  There is a sloppy, obese woman paying for her purchase at the register who proceeds to pull out a purse of all coins and dump them on the counter.  I then watch, as the minutes slip by, that the person behind the counter and la hefe are trying to pick out the US coins apart from whatever other cocksucking currency she has in her purse.  My time is up, I turn around and walk out the door.  They are still picking out american nickels.  I'll pick at my lunch for breakfast.
3.  Walked my Pooch last night at 9pm.  We (as did at least a dozen people) walked by a homeless twenty-something who smelled absolutely vomit inducing putrid, his pants were below his ass and he had a vice grips and a coathanger in a parking meter.  He was wrenching and wrenching on it and then moved to the next and nobody seemed to care.  HAHAHA!!! I'M LOSING MY MIND!!!! 
4.  They've finally installed pedestrian crossing poles/markers/things in the middle of the road at every crossing on West Ave.  Sounds good in theory.  Biggest problem though is that people don't know what the fuck they mean so they treat every one like a 4-way stop!   Takes an extra 20 minutes to drive down West to get to our building....GOOD CHRIST LET ME LEAVE THIS FUCKING BACKWARDS WORLD I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!!HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!!

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